thursday, 9th july 2015

From the next September the 1st onwards, certain amounts of pensions of self-employed workers will increase. Increase amounts to 2% for the minimum income retirement and survivor pensions and to 1% for pensions that became effective before 1995. This presents an opportunity to review the advances related to self-employed workers' social rights that have taken place during the last few years.

Did you know for example that the Social Security intervenes in the event of bankruptcy? The bankrupt is then entitled to a minimum monthly allowance of 1,070.94 € (with no dependants) or of 1,403.73 € (with dependants). Its duration is limited to twelve months. Along the same lines, since 2012, self-employed workers who have been forced to cease their activities due to natural disasters, fires, destruction or allergies are also entitled to this allowance.

Maternity has also been the subject of protective measures: since 2006, self-employed workers or cooperating-partners that benefit from a maternity leave during which a maternity allowance is paid (440.50 € per week), are also entitled to 105 titres-services. With which it will be possible to alleviate the first weeks with domestic help for the young mother !

Finally, regarding family allowances, we can welcome the establishment of a single system for self-employed workers and employed workers. On the 1st July 2014, the amount of self-employed workers' allowances has been aligned to that of employed workers: at least in this case, we can see the result of a long process to harmonize both statuses !

To be continued…

Charlotte Braillon