thursday, 11th june 2015

The Start-Up Support Scheme of the federal government will come into effect on the 1st July 2015.

This plan aims to reinforce the creation and the growth of SME in Belgium as well as investments in innovation.

It contains four measures for start-ups, new growing companies and, more generally, SME, namely :

- All SME of less than four years will benefit, from July onwards, of an exemption of payment of 10% for income tax. The exemption will be of 20% for small companies (less than ten workers);

- Crowd funding will be encouraged by an exemption of payment of the withholding tax on the interests of loans of less than four years, with a limit of 15,000.00 € ;

- For Start-ups: Tax deductibility for investments in digital technology will be increased and encouraged, by a tax reduction, the purchase of actions emitted by companies of less than four years.

- Night-work will be authorized for activities related to E-trade.