After taking the oath in 1997, I worked in various specialities related to civil law ranging from insurance law to estate liquidation duties as well as property sales. In recent years, I have focused on tax law: assistance with control and recourse, optimisation of operations and companies and estate planning.The development of our company and a personal sensitivity to the business world has lead me, through lectures, conferences and other “masterclasses” to develop my practical and theoretical management knowledge. This allows me to put the legal techniques available into perspective and approach my clients’ situations proactively. This intersection between entrepreneurial sensitivity and legal technicality is perfectly illustrated by family business transfer matters.

French / Italian / English / Dutch

Secondary studies: Collège Saint Servais 1992
Master’s degree in Law from the University of Liège with Honours
Complementary Master’s degree in Tax Law specialising in wealth and personal tax

President of the Chaudfontaine 88 Round Table, service club in 2010
Vice-President of the ASBL “Hameau de Ruy” in charge of managing former “grazing pastures” and water capture for the village’s inhabitants.
Co-founder of the Break2Biz business network
Co-founder of Cercle Intermills, administrator
Member of the Spa Vauxhall Club
Member of the Spa Francorchamps Stavelot Rotary Club, in charge of international student exchange.

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