Taxation is at the centre of the discussions of our company. As a result of system changes that are too frequent and of the lack of harmonization on an international and even European scale, communication and having a clear vision in relation to this matter will turn out to be very difficult if you are not supported by specialists.

This is the reason why we have decided to create a centre of expertise related to taxation that not only covers various tax incentives and business taxation, but also tax regularisations or communication with Belgian tax authorities.

Thanks to our long established network with other professionals that specialize in this matter in different countries, we have a general vision that enables us to offer you the most relevant approach.

  • Design and installation of tax structures before operational start-up of the project
  • Assistance during fusions, liquidations, sales of companies
  • Planning for individuals and companies
  • Counsel that will enable you to fully benefit from tax incentives
  • Preparation and submission of your VAT returns
  • Preparation and submission of your income tax and corporation tax
  • Tax regularizations
  • Communication with Belgian tax authorities
  • Tax Litigation