This center of expertise is related to many other fields such as: property law, heritage protection, environment, insurances, town planning, commercial lease or rent, public markets, building sites construction, property development, project financing…

Therefore, there are many interveners in this field regarding probably the most reassuring patrimony: real estate.

It is right here that our useful role as integrators acquires a real meaning, both for professionals and individuals.

  • Counsel services for corporations and directors
  • General organization of the relationship between associates per project
  • Assistance with the constitution of adapted societal structures
  • Assistance with strategic planning related to financial and tax aspects of the file
  • Assistance with drafting in matters related to public markets
  • Follow-up of matters related to public and administrative law, and in particular planning
  • Follow-up of the building site in partnership with the architect
  • Drafting of legal opinions
  • Assistance with rental management and with the project
  • Responsible for real estate industry actors
  • Public markets