Every day life might not always a long and quiet river and everyone has sometime been in need for conciliation, whether it was related to neighbourhood issues, to dealings with the administration, as a consumer or even in matters concerning Employment relationship…

Family is also prone to divorces, separations and divisions. Whatever the problem, an external but informed analysis will provide you with the necessary objectivity to appropriately handle the conflict or the issue. On top of everything, one can often find a kind of calm, or, in certain cases, even a preserved patrimony.

However, it is thanks to the fact that our centres of expertise work together that it is possible for our client to relay on a multidisciplinary team. This guarantees an appropriate response. The decompartmentalisation of our centres of expertise provides a great flexibility as well as a great reactivity and the private sphere benefits fully from both.

  • Matters related to separations, divorces, filiations, adoption,… and others within the competence of the Court of the Family and alternate modes of conflict management (mediation, conciliation)
  • Dealings with the Administration in general
  • Defence of the rights of the consumers
  • Divisions, liquidations and divisions of assets
  • Work-related accidents, work-related illnesses and others matters related to the Labour Court, neighbourhood problems
  • ...