The international development of the economic activity has led to new and specific problems concerning insurances. Moreover, if we also take into account indirect taxation, customs problems and negotiations related to compensations, it is evident that logistics, insurance and liability are often closely linked to problems that companies need to face.

In the private sphere, insurance also is an important point, whether it is because we need to protect an inheritance, to preserve one's family, to be covered in the event of litigation or to face damages caused by hard climates. In this case as well, prior counselling is… undoubtedly a safe bet.

  • Counsel and prevention
  • Analysis of risks and adapted or non-adapted existing policies (Risk management)
  • Assistance with the negotiation of adapted policies
  • Drafting and installation of specific contracts
  • Detailed legal opinions
  • Assistance with alternative solutions for conflicts (mediation and negotiated solutions)
  • Litigation (road traffic and other problems related to insurances), defence in national and international jurisdictions
  • Compensation and assistance with compensations for damages (material or commercial damage, bodily harm)

Concerning transport more specifically :

  • Assistance with the analysis of the selection of CMR conditions
  • Assistance with the drafting and choice of the incoterms and forms of international contracts
  • Credit insurance solutions
  • Assistance with the negotiation and drafting of contracts of adapted carriage

This center is also in charge of general criminal law, and therefore also deals with :

  • Criminal responsibility of the juridical person (natural or legal)
  • Legal defence
  • Defence of the interests of the juridical person (natural or legal) prejudiced by an infringement. Civil action and compensation for the damage.