Right from the beginning of the Start Up till the transfer, the company has a long way to go consisting of important steps (fusions, acquisitions, LBO, development abroad, joined ventures…) and of more administrative phases (General meetings, shareholders’ agreements, legal opinions…).

In order to accompany you through this journey, we propose an organized functional centre that will not only provide you with counsel but also with our fighting strength when it comes to supporting you during litigation.

It is also in this centre of expertise that we have developed services related to “economic intelligence”. As a result of globalisation and the use of information technologies, intellectual property and innovation are central when it comes to business processes. If we are innovating in such matters, it is to be able to follow you better and to meet your new expectations.

  • Counsel services for corporations and directors
  • General organization of the relationship between associates
  • Assistance with the constitution of societal structures
  • Assistance with the management and administration of the company
  • Preparation of shareholders’ assemblies or boards of directors
  • Changes related to the social form or social object, seat transfers, acquisition or development of branches or subsidiary companies in Belgium
  • Definition and installation of rules of good governorship for the company
  • Fusions and acquisitions, assistance with consolidation
  • Leveraged Buyouts (LBO), repurchase of company by its directors (MBO)
  • Liquidations
  • Drafting of legal opinions